: #TranslationFail :

Here’s what happens in a world in which people can’t tell the difference between qualified professional translation … and a certain body part.


A Word to the Wise: Choose the Right Translator – Sharon Reier from the New York Times/International Herald Tribune

But do they have any qualified IT>EN translators in the Italian country? – the strafalcione of the Italian television network, RAI.

Drug label accuracy getting lost in translation (Anne Harding, 9 April 2010; in English)

Email error ends up on road sign – BBC News (31 October 2008)

Italia.it di nuovo nei guai: la versione francese è piena di errori [Italia.it in hot water again: the French version is full of mistakes] – 15 July 2010, from Giornalettismo; in Italian.

Judges in Madrid Protest Lack of Qualified Translators and Interpreters (Paula Arturo, 4 February 2010; in English)

Quand une erreur de traduction a des conséquences facheuses – by V. Rivalle from the Trad Online blog.

Shanghai Is Trying to Untangle the Mangled English of Chinglish (New York Times, 2 May 2010).

The Adulteress Wife – review of new translation of de Beauvoir’s The Second Sex (Toril Moi from The London Review of Books)