March 2013: Livio Quagliata, Enrico Deaglio, La Repubblica

The Translator’s Thistle/Il Cardo del Traduttore for March 2013 is awarded to:

La Repubblica: Livio Quagliata, Editor-in-Chief, La Repubblica Sunday edition & Enrico Deaglio, journalist

cardo_IT March2013


  • their March 10, 2013 three-page, Sunday-edition interview and feature on Facciamoci Avanti, the Italian translation of Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead, in which the names of Sandberg’s two women translators were omitted; and
  • their refusal to respond to repeated requests by No Peanuts! and scores of individual readers and translators who asked for an official change in La Repubblica‘s editorial policy.


Why The Translator’s Thistle? / Perché Il Cardo del Traduttore? This is Not an Oversight. It’s a Policy – Italian Media and the Incredible Disappearing Translator
Informati / Be informed: They’re Women & They Work: Why Does Italy’s La Repubblica Refuse to Name Translators? – An Open Letter to Sheryl Sandberg | Una lettera aperta a Sheryl Sandberg (Caso: La Repubblica e Le Traduttrici Invisibili) | Do Something for Translators Today / Fa’ Una Cosa Oggi per i Traduttori | It Was Just an Interview” – Sunday Editor of La Repubblica, Livio Quagliata, Responds to No Peanuts!
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