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When You Work for Mega Translation Agencies, Here’s Where All the Money Goes That They’re Not Paying You: Part II

A little less than a year and a half ago, No Peanuts! reported on the obscenely opulent, Mabley Handler-designed, $11.5 million mansion purchased by TransPerfect co-CEO Liz Elting and her busband, Michael Burlant. Translators making five cents a word helped pay for that house, but it turns out NP! wasn’t alone in having a problem with Elting’s ostentatious purchase. Continue reading

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They’re Women & They Work: Why Does Italy’s La Repubblica Refuse to Name Translators? – An Open Letter to Sheryl Sandberg

Disrespectful, Discriminatory, and Illegal: They’re Women & They Work! Leggete in italiano: Una lettera aperta a Sheryl Sandberg. In a simultaneous release with the American edition, the new and controversial book by Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s CEO (Lean In: Women, Work and the … Continue reading

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Cuando la piratería intelectual la practican los poderosos – Ferran Esteve

From Ferran Esteve‘s blog, De piratas intelectuales poderosos (in Spanish). We’ve seen this happen all too often: A translator translates a book only to find, when the book is published, that his or her name has disappeared. In its place, … Continue reading

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Why a “Living Wage”?

In the context of freelance translation—and most translators and interpreters the world over are freelancers—the concept of “a living wage” sounds to some people like a wrong note. Several Peanutsistas have written to tell us so. Here’s why we think … Continue reading

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A No Peanuts! Statement of Principles

Read the No Peanuts! Statement of Principles in Estonian, Spanish, Turkish, Romanian, or Russian. The No Peanuts! Movement supports professional translators and interpreters in demanding and receiving a fair and honest living from their work. No Peanuts! means refusing to … Continue reading

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