: Resistance :

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A couple of Facebook groups worth checking out: Stop Translation Rates Posted by Outsourcers and Translators for Ethical Business Practices

2 Responses to : Resistance :

  1. Eloisa says:

    Hey, Softitler, the largest subtitling company in the world, is reducing their rates by something between 40% to 85%. That’s right, it’s no typo. check the Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/topic.php?topic=16018&post=87496&uid=3091211819#!/topic.php?uid=3091211819&topic=16018

  2. Ingela Sjölander Jones, Swedish subtitler says:

    Do take a look at the well funded (3.6 mil ) statistical machine translation project for subtitling in San SebastiĂĄn. Read and weep:search “projects SUMAT Europa – Information Society”. It looks like one gigantic hoax & will most likely make it impossible for subtitlers to support themselves at a decent level. Where did this originate & who is responsible? Translation agencies in London seem to be involved, as are universities in Spain, Slovenia and Greece. Translators will be given a machine translation of films, documentaries etc. that they then are supposed to “correct” at a lower rate (25 %) than the already shamefully low wages they are getting today.
    Do write to the San SebastiĂĄn mail address as I have & give them your honest opinion of this dishonest and useless project.

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