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When You Work for Mega Translation Agencies, Here’s Where All the Money Goes That They’re Not Paying You: Part II

A little less than a year and a half ago, No Peanuts! reported on the obscenely opulent, Mabley Handler-designed, $11.5 million mansion purchased by TransPerfect co-CEO Liz Elting and her busband, Michael Burlant. Translators making five cents a word helped pay for that house, but it turns out NP! wasn’t alone in having a problem with Elting’s ostentatious purchase. Continue reading

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Real Translator® Jobs – Tell me, does this seem like it might be a scam to you?

Today’s insult to translators is brought to you by the people who are profiting off the “new economy,” “crowd-sourcing,” “job-sharing,” and other neoliberal strategies for destroying professional qualifications, eliminating all regulation,  and keeping trained workers from supporting themselves … … … Continue reading

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Expo 2015 – Proving once again, when it comes to translation, that you get what you pay for …

The German daily, FAZ (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung), dedicated the April 11, 2015 issue of its Saturday Magazin to the Milan Expo 2015. Among the articles in the issue was an interview with Tim Parks, author, memoirist, translator (of Tabucchi, Calvino, … Continue reading

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Those Who Coerce & Those Who Get Right with Translators

******************************************** Add your name to the “Put A Stop To Copyright Rustling!” petition! ******************************************** The New York publisher, Europa Editions, founded in 2005 by Sandro Ferri and Sandra Ozzola Ferri (an Italian married couple who also own the Rome-based press, Edizioni … Continue reading

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Webflakes – At least half of their name is right

The people at Webflakes have a great idea for translators: Come work for free! Yes, it’s yet another business that hopes to profit from other people’s unpaid work (in this case, “language buffs – professional translators or students, active or … Continue reading

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Reblogged: “Translation: An Open Letter to the Editor of La Stampa” – Luca Lovisolo

Here’s more on the lackadaisical (and increasingly low-quality) journalism of La Stampa, one of Italy’s largest (and oldest) newspapers. In the essay that follows (in Italian), Luca Lovisolo makes painfully clear what happens when journalists pretend to be translators — and how … Continue reading

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La Stampa Criticizes a Translation for Being Too Expensive — And Entirely Misses the Point

It seems worth saying before anything else that La Stampa’s Anna Martellato is a lousy journalist. In her 19 July 2013 article about the “scandal” caused by the decision of the health department in Mirano (Veneto), Italy, to spend nearly … Continue reading

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