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At Last! Low-Cost Fares for Clients (especially publishers) Who Want to Save Money on Translations!*

After fielding yet another “proposal” to translate a book for a fee I found offensive, I thought it might be time to start offering a special, low-cost fare to publishers and other clients who are looking to save money on … Continue reading

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An Italian literary translator with 22 years of experience leaves the profession …

… and responds to a job offer from a publisher who doesn’t know he no longer works as a translator. Dear […], Yes, you’ve reached me at the correct address. Thank you for the offer of a translation project. Reluctantly, … Continue reading

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Real Translator® Jobs – Tell me, does this seem like it might be a scam to you?

Today’s insult to translators is brought to you by the people who are profiting off the “new economy,” “crowd-sourcing,” “job-sharing,” and other neoliberal strategies for destroying professional qualifications, eliminating all regulation,  and keeping trained workers from supporting themselves … … … Continue reading

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A Thousand-Plus Requests to English-Language Publishers: Stop Taking Translators’ Copyrights!

At the close of its campaign against the widespread practice in English-language translation-publishing of taking translators’ copyrights—especially in the United States and particularly among university presses and some of the largest publishers of translation in the U.S.—No Peanuts! is delivering … Continue reading

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Keeping Up with the ISBN/Coppola Case – Some recent online press

BREAKING: As of 27 July 2015, ISBN Edizioni has filed for bankruptcy. Italian writers/translators with claims should go to STradE’s info page to find out how to proceed: FALLIMENTO DI ISBN EDIZIONI SRL The case of the (apparently) bankrupt Italian publisher, … Continue reading

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University Presses: What Went CopyWrong?

If you haven’t already, please sign the NP! petition, Put A Stop To Copyright Rustling! How Did University Presses Turn into the Biggest Copyright Rustlers on the Prairie? Perhaps in their purest form, university presses developed to respond to a specific need: … Continue reading

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Massimo Coppola’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week

Massimo Coppola’s “big explanation” for what happened at ISBN Edizioni is too little, too late … and too typical. In the end, Massimo Coppola, the publisher of the embattled (and, apparently, now officially defunct) Italian independent publisher, ISBN Edizioni, rolled … Continue reading

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