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At Last! Low-Cost Fares for Clients (especially publishers) Who Want to Save Money on Translations!*

After fielding yet another “proposal” to translate a book for a fee I found offensive, I thought it might be time to start offering a special, low-cost fare to publishers and other clients who are looking to save money on … Continue reading

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Thousands of Translators Refuse to Sign Copyright-Rustling Petition – Don’t Want to Miss Opportunity to be Abused

Despite a two-month-long campaign, literally thousands of emails, scores of Facebook and Twitter posts, and the signatures of more than 750 of their colleagues, thousands of translators steadfastly continue to refuse to sign the No Peanuts! petition against copyright rustling or otherwise … Continue reading

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La Cortesia “Scatenata” di Annalena Benini / Annalena Benini’s “Unbound” Courtesy

********************************* UPDATE! On the evening of 27 February, Italian time, the editors of Minima & Moralia wrote No Peanuts! to say they had corrected their previous oversight and included the name of the translator in Annalena Bernini’s essay/review of the Italian … Continue reading

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Fifty Shades of Translation (Or, Why does copyright matter?)

… the publisher will see you now. In the week or so since No Peanuts! posted information about the new report, Copyright “Rustling” in English-Language Translation: How Translators Keep (and Lose) Rights to Their Work—Data from Translations Published in 2014, … Continue reading

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Your Daily Giggle (Sponsored by Milan: Expo 2015)

One of the many fundamental milestone along the way to translating from Italian to English is understanding when you should use plural and when the singulars is appropriate. It’s the kind of mistakes a translators doesn’t make when he grew … Continue reading

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Is This How You’d Talk to Your Translator? / Lo diresti al tuo traduttore?

Every once in a while a really brilliant public-awareness campaign comes along. Here’s one of them. (Videos below.) As the folks at #coglioneNo (No Morons Here) write on their site: [#coglioneNo] is a reaction to the cheapening of creative work by … Continue reading

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What Unfair Competition Looks Like / Ecco la Concorrenza Sleale

In case you weren’t clear what Italian translators are up against, here’s a publicity flyer recently distributed at a public event in Rome: To save you figuring out the completely fanciful unit of measurement that this person has invented, 24 … Continue reading

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“Jingle Bells” in italiano – Translated with Google Translate

Un piccolo regalo ai nostri No Peanutisti italiani e italofili. Divertitevi!

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Downfall! Applied Language Solutions and the Ministry of Justice Framework Agreement

With our thanks to Madeleine Lee for sharing!

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“Merry Me” in Verona – English-speaking spouses sought?

Incompetent translation, an agency that values style over substance, and the usual non-native-speaker trick. “Merry me in Verona” leaves the city of Shakespeare’s Juliet something less than merry. The “English” version of the site contains other gems of non-native … Continue reading

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