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Let Us Now Praise Infamous Publishers: Edizioni E/O & Europa Editions

The online “Books” column of Il Post has published a brand new installment in the mythological saga of the Italian publisher, Edizioni E/O and its New York subsidiary, Europa Editions. Whether we need another encomium to the Sandro Ferri and … Continue reading

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ALTA 2014: Ask for What You Deserve – Protecting Literary Translators’ Copyright & Other Rights

A discussion from the 2014 American Literary Translators Association conference of PEN’s “Model Contract for Literary Translations.” Good for ALTA and for PEN for educating translators about how to negotiate contracts for literary publications, how to protect themselves from “work … Continue reading

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A Petition to Publishers of English-Language Translations – Signed by 1004 of Your Colleagues

Recent research shows that translators’ copyrights are “rustled” one third of the time in trade and commercial publishing—and eighty percent of the time in university-press publishing. Simply put, copyright rustling happens when a book publisher takes something from a translator … Continue reading

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A Thousand-Plus Requests to English-Language Publishers: Stop Taking Translators’ Copyrights!

At the close of its campaign against the widespread practice in English-language translation-publishing of taking translators’ copyrights—especially in the United States and particularly among university presses and some of the largest publishers of translation in the U.S.—No Peanuts! is delivering … Continue reading

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University Presses: What Went CopyWrong?

If you haven’t already, please sign the NP! petition, Put A Stop To Copyright Rustling! How Did University Presses Turn into the Biggest Copyright Rustlers on the Prairie? Perhaps in their purest form, university presses developed to respond to a specific need: … Continue reading

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Thousands of Translators Refuse to Sign Copyright-Rustling Petition – Don’t Want to Miss Opportunity to be Abused

Despite a two-month-long campaign, literally thousands of emails, scores of Facebook and Twitter posts, and the signatures of more than 750 of their colleagues, thousands of translators steadfastly continue to refuse to sign the No Peanuts! petition against copyright rustling or otherwise … Continue reading

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Copyright Rustling – Italian Style (Atlantyca & Europa Make a Necessity Out of a Lack of Virtue)

The April 2015 issue of the ATA Chronicle featured an in-depth article about translators and copyright, including the legal opinions and advice of copyright lawyer Erach F. Screwvala, who has represented translators in negotiations with publishers, advised the PEN America … Continue reading

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Isn’t It Time Three Percent Stopped Rewarding Publishers Who Take Translators’ Copyrights?

Last week, Three Percent announced longlists for the 2015 Best Translated Book Award in both fiction and poetry, and the nominees have already been blogged, tweeted, and pinterested hundreds of times. (About 570 times, in fact, according to Google.) The … Continue reading

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The Copyright Rustling Petition: What’s Your Excuse?

In the four weeks since No Peanuts! launched its campaign to raise awareness about the alarming number of translators who lose their copyrights to English-language translation publishers, those who refuse to sign the Copyright Rustling petition or support the campaign … Continue reading

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Skyhorse Publishing: 24 March 2015 Letter to Tony Lyons

Skyhorse Publishing’s titles include a large number of cookbooks, popular science and pop-psych titles, and self-help manuals, as well as some general and young-adult fiction (through its SkyPony imprint). Because its books don’t fall readily into the category of “literary translation,” … Continue reading

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