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No Peanuts! supports professional translators & interpreters in demanding & receiving fair pay for their work.

An Italian literary translator with 22 years of experience leaves the profession …

… and responds to a job offer from a publisher who doesn’t know he no longer works as a translator. Dear […], Yes, you’ve reached me at the correct address. Thank you for the offer of a translation project. Reluctantly, … Continue reading

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Let Us Now Praise Infamous Publishers: Edizioni E/O & Europa Editions

The online “Books” column of Il Post has published a brand new installment in the mythological saga of the Italian publisher, Edizioni E/O and its New York subsidiary, Europa Editions. Whether we need another encomium to the Sandro Ferri and … Continue reading

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Authors, Keep Your Copyrights. You Earned Them – The Authors Guild

Reblogged from the site of The Authors Guild ( Authors should not assign their copyrights to publishers. As the Model Contract of the Authors Guild emphasizes. CAUTION: Do not allow the publisher to take your copyright or to publish the copyright … Continue reading

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Real Translator® Jobs – Tell me, does this seem like it might be a scam to you?

Today’s insult to translators is brought to you by the people who are profiting off the “new economy,” “crowd-sourcing,” “job-sharing,” and other neoliberal strategies for destroying professional qualifications, eliminating all regulation,  and keeping trained workers from supporting themselves … … … Continue reading

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BREAKING: ISBN Edizioni/Massimo Coppola in Bankruptcy

As of 27 July 2015, ISBN Edizioni has filed for bankruptcy. Italian writers/translators with claims should go to STradE’s info page to find out how to proceed: FALLIMENTO DI ISBN EDIZIONI SRL

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ALTA 2014: Ask for What You Deserve – Protecting Literary Translators’ Copyright & Other Rights

A discussion from the 2014 American Literary Translators Association conference of PEN’s “Model Contract for Literary Translations.” Good for ALTA and for PEN for educating translators about how to negotiate contracts for literary publications, how to protect themselves from “work … Continue reading

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A Petition to Publishers of English-Language Translations – Signed by 1004 of Your Colleagues

Recent research shows that translators’ copyrights are “rustled” one third of the time in trade and commercial publishing—and eighty percent of the time in university-press publishing. Simply put, copyright rustling happens when a book publisher takes something from a translator … Continue reading

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