A Petition to Publishers of English-Language Translations – Signed by 1004 of Your Colleagues

Recent research shows that translators’ copyrights are “rustled” one third of the time in trade and commercial publishing—and eighty percent of the time in university-press publishing.

Simply put, copyright rustling happens when a book publisher takes something from a translator that rightfully belongs to the translator alone: copyright to his or her work.

Some of the biggest copyright rustlers in 2014 also happened to be some of the biggest publishers of translations in English—Europa Editions, Atlantyca, New Vessel Press, Gallic Books, Columbia University Press, Skyhorse Publishing, Yale University Press, Bloomsbury, Routledge, and others. (See Copyright “Rustling” in English-Language Translation: How Translators Keep (and Lose) Rights to Their Work—Data from Translations Published in 2014;http://tinyurl.com/lzpz2cm.)

Copyright rustling is not inevitable. It is not “standard industry practice.” It is not necessary for the translator-publisher relationship to function nor does it help publishers “afford” to publish translations.

Let’s cut through the nonsense. Copyright rustling is a symptom of translators’ lack of negotiating power and of publishers’ willingness to exploit that weakness to their own advantage.

No Peanuts! calls upon all publishers of translations in English:

  • Take copyright off the table.Negotiate fair terms with translators for licensing the use of their copyright, but recognize that the translation belongs to the translator who is allowing you to use it.
  • Take copyright off the table.Recognize translators’ legal and moral rights to their intellectual property.
  • Take copyright off the table.Stop coercing translators by making copyright transfer a take-it-or-leave-it condition of publishing contracts.

Mutual respect always. Copyright rustling never!

Why are you signing this petition?

• Preserving copyright for translators is an issue that should have been addressed decades ago, and it needs to happen now! (Kathryn Marocchino PhD, USA)
• Both publishers and translators need to be educated on this issue. Publishers need to stop asking for anything other than a license, and translators need to stop acceding to outrageous requests. When enough translators say no often enough, the requests will cease. (Roger Greenwald, Canada)
• I’m signing because translators actually create the text they write. Decision with regards to the interpretation of the original writing and the style are part of the translator’s creative work. This is our intellectual property. (Leonhard Unglaub, Canada)
• I am a translator and I care about the importance of intellectual property on my creative work. (Matthias Scohssig, USA)
• I support ethical and fair business practices 🙂 (Carmen Arismendy, USA)
• I’m a writer and have been translated in over 14 different languages and I care deeply about this issue. (Benjamin Saenz, USA)
• I am a translator who has been almost systematically deprived of copyright in the US, both by commercial and university presses. Not an issue in the UK; time it stopped being one in the US. (Alison Anderson, Switzerland)
• Copyright is a fundamental right of the creator/author/inventor … (Margaret Newman, Australia)
• This copyright rustling goes on. (Don Bartlett, UK)
• Topic largely unknown. Translators seem to make easy prey. :-/ (Betina Frisone, USA)
• Translators’ copyrights are protected under the Berne Convention – to which the US subscribes. Obtaining copyright waivers under coercion is a crime. (Giovanna Lester, USA)
• Translation is a form of intellectual property. There really is no justification, other than publishers’ bullying practices, why translators should be divested of it as a matter of course. (Anna Beria, UK)
• A literary translation is a creative literary work in its own right, and its translator is worthy of the artistic and financial recognition of justly assigned copyright. (Douglas Carnall, France)
• I have experienced this issue personally, where a contract to translate a book was dependent on handing over copyright. (Gill McKay, Germany)
• Translators deserve better – and need help getting it. (Shelley Fairweather-Vega, USA)
• I am a translator who has been rustled and support others in the plight to end rustling. (Ilona Kohanchuk, UK)
• I am a translator, and I have been “persuaded” by publishers to give up my copyrights to my translations. (Terry Gallagher, USA)
• The situation is outrageous, of course, rustling, highway robbery, whatever you want to call it. Unless U of Chicago has smartened up since 2010, we can add their name to the list of thieves. I’d love to have my copyright back from them. And Princeton UP. (Gerald Chapple, Canada)
• I work in publishing and I care (Christofere Nzalankazi, UK)
• I am signing because the moral rights of a translator and his right to negotiate his commercial rights, just like the author’s, either as a lump sum or a percentage of sales has been ratified by most countries through treaties and failing to comply with this is unethical and illegal. (Richard Perez-Mongard, Chile)
• Ich eine Übersetzerin bin. (Susanne Graf, Austria)
• Plagiarism is the “wrongful appropriation” and “stealing and publication” of another author’s “language is common in Dutch psychiatry and psychology. (Terence Hale, Netherlands)
• I’m a translator (Anna-Maija Ihander, Finland)
• I’m a translator (Dawn Curtis, Nicaragua)
• I’m a translator (de-it, en-it) (Rita Comellini, Italy)
• It is just. (Ivan Veran, USA)
• I’m a translator. (Marguerite Storm, USA)
• For translators’ rights! (Mateo Cardona Vallejo, Colombia)
• I’m a translator (Susan Pareto, USA)
• I’m signing because …fair’s fair! (John Gare, Australia)
• Translation is not a “derivative” activity. Translators are authors, too. (Cintia Santana, USA)
• I hope in a better and brighter future for translators! (Elisa Frati, Italy)
• Literary translation is a form of art and all artists, including literary translators, should own the copyright of their work. (Emilia Balke, USA)
• I work as a freelance translator (Lucy Breen, UK)
• I’m signing as a professional translator who is appalled at the extent of this unethical practice. (Sarah-Jane Aberasturi, Ireland)
• I have been a translator for 30 years and have always just given in. It’s good to know that I don’t have to. (Baldwin Pauline, Japan)
• I’m signing as a translator who believes we should be respected for what we do, not rustled! (Lydia Nockels, Canada)
• I am a translator, 30 years in the business. (Barbara Schultz, Canada)
• Because I am a translator and also a member of Turkish Translators Association (Zafer Vedat, Turkey)
• Tiene sentido. (Mónica Algazi Bayley, Uruguay)
• Translators have rights, and deserve them! (Maria Carrion, USA)
• I’m a translator and I want to help publishers reach new audiences without losing what is rightfully mine. (Anna Lycett, UK)
• I’m a translator and my creative work deserves to be recognized as much as the author’s. (Marie White, Canada)
• The translators’ rights are ignored on a daily basis, and that needs to be corrected. (Angela Pedraza, USA)
• I wholeheartedly agree as a translator, and as a publisher. (Lipsett Edward, Japan)
• Perché come gli autori I traduttori creano testi originali e unici e quindi il diritto di proprietà delle nostre creazioni ci spetta. (Gregory Conti, Italy)
• Translators make work available from one language into another. They deserve to have control over their work. (Sunandini Banerjee, India)
• Translators should not be messed with! (Jenna Kervinen, Finland)
• I am signing because I am a translator. (Zdena Rumreich, Australia)
• I am signing because I think it’s high time translators were recognised for the amazing job they do! (Sara Pullin, France)
• I’m signing this because I’m a freelance translator and could be affected by this form of theft. (David Young, Denmark)
• I’m signing this because it is just wrong and ethically unacceptable! (Guðrún Emilsdóttir, Iceland)
• Copyright applies to both author and translator equally. Using a translation without authorisation is theft. (Josette Liebeck, Australia)
• My parents were both authors in the Netherlands, and they fought determinedly for the rights of both authors and translators after they were bullied out of their first copyright of a very successful series of children’s books. I care very deeply about this issue, it has been ingrained in my bones. I am a Dutch translator, and translated some children’s books myself, but we translators should stick together, whatever language we translate into. (Mirjam Spekking, Germany)
• It’s about time but the sad thing is the backlash by so-called translators who will translate anything for nothing! This is the work on which those companies feed. As long as there are translators working for peanuts not knowing their rights, change will not happen. A lot of this work is contracted through agencies and there will not be any protection for individual translators. The big agencies will have you sign over the copyrights to them. (Lis Moser, USA)
• We publish translations – and we respect our translators’ copyrights. That ought to be the industry-wide standard. (H. A. Denwell, USA)
• I support the cause for copyright for translators (Birgit Nakielski, Germany)
• I am a certified, professional Translator. (V. Bucherre, USA)
• I support combating copyright “rustling” worldwide, as it does happen everywhere. (Jakub Radzimiński, Poland)
• I believe the copyright of a work of art belongs to the artist. (Milena Ferrante, Italy)
• To fight against copyright rustlers within the publishing industry in general and the community of professional translators in particular (Vanessa Enriquez Raido, New Zealand)
• Am against translators’ copyrights rustling. (Igor Daineko, Ukraine)
• Translation should be correctly paid work as it requires a high degree of expertise in languages. (Jane Zemiro, Australia)
• Translation is a creative task. As Daniel Hahn writes in an essay at wordswithoutborders.org, “There’s a reason the copyright in my translations belongs to me…. The plot and the ideas and the themes aren’t mine, but the words are, all of them, and the way they all fit together, too” (http://wordswithoutborders.org/dispatches/article/reviewing-translations#ixzz3XoumyoM8). I was long unaware of my rights as a translator. I hope that the practice of assigning translators’ copyrights to others will soon fade, as all stakeholders come to understand this important issue. (Avery Fischer Udagawa, USA)
• Pourquoi je signe? D’abord, je suis traducteur littéraire; ensuite, membre de l’ATTLC/LTAC; moi-même poète ayant publié des livres et ayant collaboré à des revues d’ici d’ailleurs, je suis particulièrement sensible aux questions ayant trait aux droits des auteurs; enfin, par solidarité avec mes collègues de part le monde, je ne vois pas comment on ne pourrait soutenir une telle démarche. Je vous salue. (Jean-Pierre Pelletier, Canada)
• Fed up! (Wolfram Dennig, France)
• Agreed. This issue deserves more publicity. (Sue Anderson, UK)
• Translators and interpreters do great service for humanity. (Stephanie Jo Kent, USA)
• La proprietà intellettuale è un diritto di chi esercita il processo, non di chi ne sfrutta il prodotto. (Rossella Bernascone, Italy)
• Perché il traduttore è un autore nella lingua di arrivo e I suoi diritti sono irrinunciabili. Già soffriamo di cattive condizioni di lavoro dovuti a tariffe e quant’altro, vogliamo pure cedere questi diritti essenziali? Assolutamente no. E aggiungerei che il prossimo obiettivo in Italia dovrebbe essere il nome del traduttore in copertina. (Pierluigi Bernardini, Italy)
• E’ giusto difender ei diritti di chi lavora. (Nicoletta Contardi, Italy)
• I am an emerging translator and have no wish to be hustled, to hustle or to see other translators being hustled. (Ana Beard, UK)
• Translators are undervalued enough. It’s time we started being recognised for the work we do. (Nicky Brown, UK)
• I support my fellow literary translators’ efforts for recognition and fair treatment. (Jessica Cohen, USA)
• Translators deserve credit for making works available to a wider audience, thereby earning more money for authors and publishers. (Tom Ellett, Canada)
• I’m signing because I am a translator and author. (Christina Oberstebrink, Germany)
• I’m signing because I am a translator and my viability depends on my translations. Rustling my translations means steeling the food I’ve worked hard for to be able to afford! (Anita Rübberdt, Iceland)
• I’m signing because I am a translator and see this unfair practice done by publishers all the time. (Anna Bogic, Canada)
• I’m signing because I am about to enter the industry as a translator. (Anna Lyons, UK)
• I’m signing because I believe in this. (Colin Michael Ryan, Italy)
• I’m signing because I fully support translators’ rights to ownership of their work. If ‘intellectual property’ has any meaning, it could only mean the rights of the creators of a work, whether a symphony, a painting, a poem, a novel or the translation of the same. (Luiz Netto, USA)
• I’m retired but I have a sense of solidarity with my still-active translating friends and colleagues. (Bernard Mills, Belgium)
• As a translator I have no negotiating power, I am small and they are big and they can and do take advantage of the situation. I can’t afford to lose the work. (Ludmila Berkis, Australia)
• I’m a translator. I want to protect myself and my colleagues from this unfair practice. (Andrea Lingenfelter, USA)
• As a translator I want my rights to be protected. (Jus Tin, UK)
• I’m signing because I’m a translator and I know how much work goes into translations. (Taina Pemberton, UK)
• I’m signing because I’m a translator (Arpita Chatterjee, India)
• I’m signing because I’m a translator (Monika Kenderessy, UK)
• Theft is illegal, immoral and sadly misunderstood. (Varnam Simon, Japan)
• translators are as important as authors themselves (Irmgard Soukup-Unterweger, Austria)
• I support ethics in business (and in general). Legislation is often years behind the challenges in the market reality, but this doesn’t make unethical behavior acceptable, and certainly not justifiable. Forcing someone to give up something just because one is in a perceived position of power is called bullying. (Shai Navé, Israel)
• I support the initiatives of my colleagues to stand up for their rights. (Jonathan Kaplansky, Canada)
• What was inevitable is that such a huge country with only one language for so long, is slow to understand the importance of professional (certified) Language Specialists. It is not the case in other parts of the world. But here, we are too often given the rank of secretarial staff, and that is wrong: it dismisses the years of bilingual education and training of the LS (equivalent of a Master’s degree). Unlike Secretaries, the UN has granted Language Specialists a much higher grade, among Professional we rank as P4’s (it is even the case for US-Mexico bilateral Commissions). Globalization could not happen without Language Specialists, as a result it is high time that editors and even clients respect our rights, especially our copyrights. (Zozo Ladali, USA)
• Because not only is this practice widespread in the publishing industry, it is all-too-often accompanied by coercion and extortion in order to coerce translators into releasing their copyrights. It is pure exploitation by a powerful party of a party with less room to bargain. (Wendell Ricketts, USA)
• Translator (Ofer Neiman, Israel)
• I agree (Martti Kostamoinen, Finland)
• Copyright claims by large companies are increasingly lopsided in favor of bullies and greed. Copyright rustling is one more symptom of un-ethics as practiced by big business. It’s time to rebalance this equation. (Erik Anderson, USA)
• Literary translators earn less money per hour than those who translate the instructions for washing machines. (Daniel Kennedy, France)
• I am a literary translator whose rights have been stolen and/or ‘rustled most of the time … so much that I’ve given up on literary translations, not wishing to feel like a victim every time I do something I like -although my primary motive to chose this profession was literary translation…In order to live out of my work, I had to specialize in other, commercial fields. I hope situation will change during my lifetime. (Ljiljana Krstic, Serbia)
• I am a literary translator and a PhD candidate in Translation Studies. Hope we are heard thanks to you. (Aude Gwendoline, Canada)
• Es necesario reconecer los derechos históricos que ya tienen los traductores. Ya nos pagan mal como para que nos quiten un derecho que es irrenunciable. (Gabriel Quiroz, Colombia)
• Los derechos de los traductores son constantemente pisoteados… (Magdalena Ponce, Argentina)
• Reason for signing: low pay for translation and translation not being recognised as research achievement due to no copyright (Paul Chen, China)
• Some of my most talented and engaged friends are translators. The assault on humanistic knowledge must be fought by any means necessary. (Scott Bishop, USA)
• Your rights are my rights, even though I no longer translate for a living. (Paolo Antonio Livorati, Italy)
• Copyright is a non-transferrable right. (Sylvia Robinson, UK)
• For the dignity of a crucial profession that is often disregarded and taken for granted (Matias Mulet Truyols, Spain)
• I’m a translator one day hoping to be published. (Jemma Ives, Australia)
• On ne s’improvise pas traducteur. Lorsqu’on en est un, on ne devrait pas avoir à quémander. (Shirley Fortier, Canada)
• I’m signing this petition because, contrary to popular belief, books don’t translate themselves…. Translators deserve recognition for contributing to removing language barriers in international literature. (Rafa Lombardino, USA)
• To protect intellectual property. (Lysander Canlas, USA)
• We have to put an end all sorts of exploitation of translators all over the world, from and into any languages! (Martina Natunen, Finland)
• Je signe pace que je suis d’accord (Stefano Gallorini, Morocco)
• Our trade deserves recognition, plain and simple. (Catherine Dussault, Canada)
• Translators’ work deserves recognition. (Kim Sanderson, UK)
• ¡Protección de las regalías para los traductores ya! ¡En especial, para los traductores literarios! (Antonio Morillo, Spain)
• I’d like to give literary translators the respect and rewards they deserve, because I’d like to break free of tech translation and join their ranks someday. (Jodette Ann Kruger, USA)
• I believe the rights of literary translators should be upheld (Giuliana Zeuli, Ireland)
• My translation was ripped off by the University of Texas Press and now they say that I never had any author’s rights in the first place. (Ralph Niebuhr, USA)
• To denigrate the role and the rights of the translator in ensuring the understanding of the reader makes no sense. (Suzan Piper, Australia)
• Is aistritheoir agus scríbhneoir mé Jeg er oversætter og forfatter. I’m a translator and author. Copyright defends my livelihood and intellectual rights (Paul Larkin, Ireland)
• Translators are highly skilled professionals whose services are crucial to the publishing industry. They deserve respect and fair treatment and must not be robbed of their intellectual property rights. (Eric Bye, USA)
• Let’s put a stop to this shameful practice! (Goran Schmidt, Croatia)
• Because I feel strongly about this issue. Publishers should not coerce translators into giving up the copyright to their own work. (Anne Milano Appel, USA)
• I’ll sign anything that stands up for translators’ rights. (Sue Esplan, Ireland)
• It is just the fair thing to do. (Sandra Tapia, USA)
• I’m signing as the translator of more than 100 books and the only time I have retained copyright in the translation was in the two book translations that I published myself! The way publishers blackmail translators is to tell them that they won’t get the full fee unless they assign copyright to the publisher. Publishers often hassle translators into working for peanuts, dangling the carrot of royalties under their noses, but only after the trillionth volume has been sold! (Josephine Bacon, UK)
• It’s the right thing to do. (Gema Schaff, USA)
• It’s the right thing to do, stop the f**** nonsense now! (Anna Woodward, Ireland)
• I am signing this because I teach translators! (Diana Berber, Finland)
• I’m signing, because this directly affects me in my role as an academic book translator. (Lynn Urch, UK)
• I care about this issue (Jaime Manrique, USA)
• I agree with this opinion. (Armine Mortimer, USA)
• Because it’s high time that this happens. (Carolina Miranda, New Zealand)
• It is high time translators were given their fair pay. (Gbolahan Banjoko, USA)
• It’s only fair to allow the translator’s control of their intellectual property. (Eileen Sullivan, USA)
• Put a Stop To Copyright Rustling! Translator need to have author’s rights. (Oscar Rivera, Argentina)
• this has happened to me in the past (Richard Sieburth, USA)
• It’s not fare to steel intellectual work. (Margarita Olvera, USA)
• Translators rock! (Katja Tongucer, Russian Federation)
• Je suis une traductrice (Paola Appelius, France)
• I depend on translation but shouldn’t have to depend on the kindness of translators. (Dorothy Chansky, USA)
• I have published translations. (Janet Smarr, USA)
• I’m a freelance translator and support this. (Edward Gauvin, USA)
• I’m a freelance translator and I’m directly affected by this sickening corporate policy. (Marine Perez, USA)
• I am a translator and I want my copyright to be as respected as anyone else’s (Joseph Given, Germany)
• I am a translator and I support translators making an honest living. (Sarah Baiz, USA)
• I am a translator and fully support the rights of all translators. (Barbara Paschke, USA)
• I’m a professional translator and a translation studies professor. Translation is highly complex intellectual work and the product of a skilled translator deserves proper recognition. (Geoffrey Koby, USA)
• I am a translator and an editor of a translation series. (Iride Lamartina-Lens, USA)
• I am a translator and I won’t work for peanuts. (Laura Dohner, USA)
• I am a translator and I think it is just fair to demand our rights. (Lilian Selvaggio, Argentina)
• I´m a trained translator and interpreter myself and I support this initiative in every way (Ivana Hrvoj, Sweden)
• I am a translator and I am sick of people ripping the profession off (Elisabeth Kissel, Australia)
• I am a translator and have the right to make a decent living. (Hania Geras, Australia)
• Because I’m a translator and our rights need to be protected. (Mercedes Alonso, UK)
• I am a translator AND have written books. Right now I am trying to translate valuable books, but am prohibited to do so because of “copyrights.” (Thomas Blasejewicz, Japan)
• I am a translator and believe that translators need to be accorded more respect for the hard work they do in the publishing world. (Rachel Hildebrandt, USA)
• I am a translator and proud of my work. I work not just for money, but for the joy in a creative process. (Aksana Coxhead, UK)
• I believe in translator copyright (Denise Formica, Australia)
• As a professional translator for several decades, I wholeheartedly support this initiative. (Liv Bliss, USA)
• I am a translator myself and as I believe this practice is not fair. (Silvia Geissbauer, UK)
• As a professional translator of books and articles (biographies, history, archaeology, art history, etc.), I care about translation rights for translators. (Ilse Andrews, USA)
• Translators must be visible. (S. Mss, UK)
• As a free-lance translator who has been in the business for over 40 years, I have been aware of this incredibly heinous practice for years. Although my first love was for book translation, I learned soon enough in this career that copyright would never be given to a translator by prestigious publishing companies who were merely seeking “dupes” for this kind of work. Indeed, the first offer I ever received to translate a full-length book came with the “work-for-hire” stipulation, and when I responded by sending a copy of the PEN contract to the publisher, along with a letter explaining I was not going to accept anything less than copyright recognition, I never heard from the editorial office again. From then on, I devoted my translation skills to the technical field and was able to garner a very decent part-time income for 40 years, but it broke my heart to see that the book translation business was nothing short of a mockery for translators. It is high time that this disgusting, belittling and condescending practice come to an end. I respectfully ask all of my fellow translators to add their voices and their names to the growing list of translation professionals who are clamoring for the well-deserved right to retain copyright over their book translations. Please join the fight! United we stand; divided we fall. It is as simple as that. If book translation is your livelihood, it behooves you to sign this petition, for your own sake and for that of translators everywhere! (Dr. Kathryn Marocchino, USA)
• I’m a literary translator, and I deserve to be properly credited for my work. (Wendy Hardenberg, USA)
• I am a translator, and as such, everything that happens locally and abroad to the translations profession affects me directly or indirectly. (Vida Borboa, USA)
• I am a translator, I believe in translators. We are hugely necessary. Our job is difficult and it takes pains to get messages across. (Flavia Pittella, Argentina)
• I am a translator. (Elizabeth Armstrong, USA)
• I am a translator. (Sue Burke, Spain)
• I’m signing because translators are important for accessing the non-Anglo world and should be treated with respect. (Benjamin Hedley, Canada)
• I don’t want translators deprived of their copyright rights. (Connie Salmon, USA)
• I believe that translators should have control over (and returns from) their vital work. (Elinor Shaffer, UK)
• Because I value translators’ right to own the effects of their work. (Rafał Lisowski, Poland)
• I support the translator’s rights to his or her work. (Olivia Ocana-Quintana, Canada)
• Ich auch eine Übersetzerin bin (Maggy Hartl, Austria)
• Il traduttore è un autore. sempre. il traduttore è in linea di principio creativo, non può essere diversamente. (Bruno Osimo, Italy)
• Translating is underpaid, underestimated and critical to civilization. (Jose Davlia, USA)
• Translatoren sind nicht unsichtbar! (Mehmet Güzer, Austria)
• I’m signing because we need to stick together and defend our rights, this is the only way to start achieving something (Elizabet Vasiljevic, Serbia)
• I’m a translator whose copyright was rustled by a university press. (Albert Bork, USA)
• I completely agree with it! (Patricia Alejandra Yunes, Argentina)
• Translators and their work must be respected and valued. (Marguerite Shore, USA)
• Translators make the world go round, in every way. (David Johnston, UK)


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Ada Arbós | Spain
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Benjamin Saenz | USA
Berit Ness Johnsen | Italy
Berit Ness Johnsen | Italy
Bernard Mills | Belgium
Bethan Moore | UK
Betina Frisone | USA
Bianca Marsden-Day | UK
Biljana Ackovski | Serbia
Bill Johnston | USA
Billy O’shea | Denmark
Birgit Binder | Austria
Birgit König | Austria
Birgit Nakielski | Germany
Blasejewicz Thomas | Japan
Bravos Louis | Australia
Brian Landberg | Japan
Brian Mckay | France
Brigid Maher | Australia
Brigitte Pellat | France
Brigitte Rapp | Austria
Brooke Nobles | USA
Bruce Downing | USA
Bruno Osimo | Italy
Bruno Vaccari | Italy
Candia María Susana | Argentina
Cara Thornton | Poland
Carla Palmieri | Italy
Carly Kelly | Italy
Carmela Cossa | Italy
Carmen Arismendy | USA
Carmen Gallo | Uruguay
Carmen Valero | USA
Carolina Miranda | New Zealand
Caroline Henderson | UK
Carolyn Jacobs | USA
Carolyn Shread | USA
Carolyn Tipton | USA
Carolyn Whitson | USA
Catherine Brix | Sweden
Catherine De Crignis | France
Catherine Dussault | Canada
Cecilia Martini | Italy
Charlene Ann Coker-Judy | USA
Charles Lambert | Italy
Charles Oppenheim | UK
Charlie Gobbett | UK
Charlotte Bosseaux | UK
Charlotte Collins | UK
Charlotte Coombe | UK
Chiara Campidelli | Italy
Chiara Rizzo | Italy
Christa Ederegger | Austria
Christiana Hills | USA
Christiane Berthold | Italy
Christina Gauglitz | Germany
Christine Buckley | France
Christine Oberstebrink | Germany
Christofere Nzalankazi | UK
Christopher Olsen | USA
Christopher Rea | Taiwan
Christopher Rothschedl | Austria
Cinzia Landi | Italy
Claire Mclisky | Australia
Claudia Acher Marinelli | Italy
Claudia Cozzi | Italy
Claudia Koch-Mcquillan | Australia
Claudia Lionetti | Italy
Claudia REALI | Spain
Claudia Valeria Letizia | Italy
Claudia Verardi | Italy
Colin Michael Ryan | Italy
Connie Salmon | USA
Conohar Scott | UK
Coral Barrachina | Spain
Corinna Huber | Austria
Cornelia Mayer | France
Cornelius Hell | Austria
Corrado Piazzetta | Italy
Cristiana De Falco | Italy
Cristina García | Spain
Cynthia Santana | USA
Dan Bellm | USA
Dan Newland | Argentina
Daniel Jáquez | USA
Daniel Kaplan | Austria
Daniel Kennedy | France
Daniel Tunnard | Argentina
Daniela Dold | Austria
Daniela Storti | Italy
Daniele Petruccioli | Italy
Daniele Sanchioni | Italy
Danuta Rurańska | Poland
Darius Daniel Grigoras | Romania
David Copelin | Canada
David Edney | Canada
David Johnston | UK
David Mckay | Netherlands
David Paradela López | Spain
David Shook | USA
David Young | Denmark
Dawn Curtis | UK
Deanna Shemek | USA
Debbie Saivetz | USA
Deborah Foulkes | Germany
Deborah Garfinkle | USA
Deborah S. Phillips | Germany
Denise Formica | Australia
Denise Silvestri | Italy
Diana Berber | Finland
Diana Israel | USA
Diana Mackintosh | UK
Diana Thow | USA
Dimitris Harvatis | Greece
Dmitry Kornyukhov | Canada
Dominique Ferguson | USA
Don Bartlett | UK
Donna Logan | Italy
Donna Meiss | Italy
Dora Sales | Spain
Dorota Goluch | UK
Dorota Miklasinska | UK
Dorothy Chansky | USA
Douglas Carnall | France
Dr. Kathryn Marocchino | USA
Edward Gauvin | USA
Edwina Simpson | UK
Edy Tassi | Italy
Effie Emmanouilidou | Greece
Egle Pittaluga | Italy
Eiko Sugi | USA
Eileen Laurie | Sweden
Eileen Sullivan | USA
Elena Rivera | USA
Elena Salas Ramirez | UK
Elena Sanz | Spain
Elena Zanette | Italy
Elinor Shaffer | UK
Elisa Brambilla | Italy
Elisa Comito | Italy
Elisa Frati | Italy
Elisa Martinez Aznar | UK
Elisabeth Frias | Dominican Republic
Elisabeth Kissel | Australia
Elisabetta Manuele | Italy
Elizabet Vasiljevic | Serbia
Elizabeth Abello | USA
Elizabeth Anne Muller | France
Elizabeth Armstrong | USA
Elizabeth Bryer | Australia
Elizabeth Desbiens | Canada
Elizabeth Fraser | Italy
Elizabeth Glynn | USA
Elizabeth Heighway | UK
Elizabeth Wright | USA
Ellen Worrell | UK
Ellie Lord | UK
Eloise Mcinerney | UK
Elsa Martínez | Spain
Elvira H. | Austria
Emanuela Molinari | Italy
Emanuela Petrucci | Austria
Emanuele Risso | Italy
Emilia Balke | USA
Emiliano Ricciardi | USA
Emilie Carliez | France
Emilio Terol | Spain
Emily Toder | USA
Emily Toll | USA
Emma Stonehouse | Nigeria
Emma Ward | UK
Emmanuel Doerr | Spain
Enrica Torti | Italy
Eric Bye | USA
Eric Chiang | USA
Erica Mena-Landry | USA
Erich Roncarolo | Switzerland
Erik Anderson | USA
Erika Gonzalez | Australia
Erika Katacic Kozic | Croatia
Ernestine Montgomerie | UK
Esteban Voth | Argentina
Esther Garcia | Spain
Esther Monzó | Spain
Esther Yanez | USA
Eugene Eoyang | USA
Eva Egger | Austria
Eva Guzely | Austria
Eva Valvo | Italy
Evelyn Diaz | Argentina
Evelyna Radoslavova | Canada
Fabio Caldas | Indonesia
Fabio Descalzi | Uruguay
Faustine Roux | UK
Fausto Mescolini | UK
Federica Cuneo | Italy
Federica Ressi | Italy
Fevronia Orfanos | Finland
Fiamma Lollo | Italy
Fiona Harris | UK
Flavia Pittella | Argentina
Flavia Vendittelli | Italy
Florencia Bell | New Zealand
Florencia Pérez | Argentina
Florencia Tasinato | Argentina
Florian Duijsens | Germany
Florika Griessner | Austria
Flynn Letford | New Zealand
Fosca Monesi | Italy
Franca Simpson | UK
France De Palma | Canada
Francesc Parcerisas | Spain
Francesca Buffo | Italy
Francesca Giannoni | USA
Francesca Malvani | Italy
Francesca Sassi | Italy
Francesca Villa | UK
Francesco Mana | Italy
Francisco Hulse | USA
Friederike Kreter | Germany
Friederike Kulcsar | Austria
Gabriel Quiroz | Colombia
Gabriela Alina Roveda | Argentina
Gabriela Armas | Mexico
Gabriela Mejias | Argentina
Gabriella Broccoli | Italy
Gabriella Gentile | Italy
Gabriella Gregori | Italy
Gabriella Romani | USA
Gabrielle Kirov | UK
Gary Cook | Spain
Gbolahan Banjoko | USA
Gema Schaff | USA
Gentil Junior | Brazil
Geoffrey Koby | USA
George Karambelas | Greece
Georgios Tziakos | Spain
Gerald Chapple | Canada
Gerardo Bensi | Argentina
Gill Holmes | UK
Gill Mckay | Germany
Gilles Gravelle | USA
Gina Maneri | Italy
Gina Whitsel | USA
Ginny Morrison | USA
Giovanna Lester | USA
Giovanna Zunica | Italy
Giovanni Ferrara Degli Uberti | Italy
Giulia Cortina | Italy
Giuliana Zeuli | Ireland
Giuseppe Brescia | Australia
Giuseppe Girimonti Greco | Italy
Glenys Robinson | Italy
Goran Schmidt | Croatia
Gordon Adam | Spain
Grace Jung | USA
Greg M | Australia
Gregory Limoens | Republic of Korea
Gregory Conti | Italy
Greta Joris | Italy
Guðrún Emilsdóttir | Iceland
Guelcin Koerpe | Austria
Gumersindo Marin Garcia | Spain
H. A. Denwell | USA
Hadil Tarakji | Italy
Hania Geras | Australia
Hanna Lofgren | Australia
Hannah Keet | UK
Harald Fleischmann | Austria
Harry Morales | USA
Heal Louise | Japan
Heike Van Lawick | Spain
Heikki Karjalainen | Finland
Helena Martin | USA
Helen-Anne Ross | Netherlands
Helga Fröhlich | Austria
Hermelinda González Gómez | Mexico
Hexiong Wu | China
Hope Alexander | USA
Howard Scott | Canada
Hugh Hazelton | Canada
Hugo Steckelmacher | Spain
Hyongrae Kim | USA
Ian Barnett | Argentina
Igor Daineko | Ukraine
Iliana Angeli | Greece
Ilona Kohanchuk | UK
Ilse Andrews | USA
Indrani Roy | India
Ines Crespo | Ecuador
Ingo Brauner | Germany
Irene Barbera | Italy
Irene Elmerot | Sweden
Irene Fernández | Spain
Irene Inserra | Italy
Iride Lamartina-Lens | USA
Irina Lichtenstein | Russian Federation
Irina Sears | USA
Iris Beier | UK
Irmgard Soukup-Unterweger | Austria
Isabel Carrera | Spain
Isabel Graf | Austria
Isabel Leonard | USA
Isabel Llasat | Spain
Isabel Tello Fons | Spain
Isabel Vicent Soriano | Spain
Isabel Von Prollius | Australia
Isabella Aiello | France
Isabella Negri | Italy
Isabella Zani | Italy
Isabelle Bouchet | France
Isabelle Haas | France
Ishita Sinharoy | USA
Ivan Veran | USA
Ivana Hrvoj | Sweden
Jacob Moe | Greece
Jacqueline Csuss | Austria
Jaime Fatás | USA
Jaime Manrique | USA
Jakub Radzimiński | Poland
James Crossley | USA
James DAVIS | Seychelles
James Renshaw | UK
Jana Hall | UK
Jane Bowie | Italy
Jane Lamb | USA
Jane Roffe | UK
Jane Zemiro | Australia
Janet Smarr | USA
Janice Kyle | USA
Jasmin Gsellmann | Austria
Jasmina Djordjevic | Serbia
Jean Antonin Billard | USA
Jean Deklerk | Australia
Jean Graham-Jones | USA
Jean-François Pineau | Germany
Jeannette Ringold | USA
Jean-Pierre Pelletier | Canada
Jee Leong Koh | USA
Jelena Milosevic | Austria
Jemma Ives | Australia
Jenna Kervinen | Finland
Jennifer Pena | USA
Jennifer Stockwell | Australia
Jeremy Tiang | USA
Jeroen Vanlaer | Belgium
Jesse Tomlinson | Mexico
Jessica Cohen | USA
Jessica West | UK
Jim Hlavac | Australia
Joanne Missouli | Australia
Joanne Pottlitzer | USA
Jodette Ann Kruger | USA
Jóhann Kristjánsson | Iceland
Johanna Bishop | Italy
John Beusterien | USA
John Braden | Chile
John Freedman | USA
John Gare | Australia
John Ignatius Wareham Paterson | UK
John Michael | USA
John Washington | USA
Jon Delcourt | USA
Jonathan Hine | USA
Jonathan Kaplansky | Canada
José Enrique García González | Spain
José Luis Martí Ferriol | Spain
Josefa Devesa | Spain
Josep Davila | USA
Josep Marco | Spain
Joseph Given | Germany
Joseph White | USA
Josephine Bacon | UK
Josette Liebeck | Australia
Judit Fontcuberta | Spain
Judith Kerstner | Austria
Judy Goldman | Mexico
Judy Wakabayashi | USA
Julia Bäck | Austria
Julia Balén | USA
Julia Cristina Gómez Sáez | Spain
Julia Lassnig | Austria
Julia Riedl | Austria
Juliana Mora | Argentina
Julie Martin | USA
Julie Rich | USA
Julien Roland | France
Juliet Attwater | UK
Jus Tin | UK
Justin Phipps | UK
Kamilla Hassen | USA
Karen Emmerich | USA
Karen Simon | Canada
Karen Van Dyck | Turkey
Kate Eaton | UK
Kate Wilson | UK
Katerina Rodogianni | Greece
Katherine Danflous | UK
Katherine Derbyshire | Germany
Kathi Pils | Austria
Kathryn Gabinet-Kroo | Canada
Kathryn Marocchino | USA
Kathy Howell | USA
Katja Bell | Germany
Katja Tongucer | Turkey
Katya Stepanov | USA
Kay Zhao | Australia
Keith Cohen | USA
Kenneth Kronenberg | USA
Kenneth Morrison | UK
Kerstin Schaffner | Austria
Kim Sanderson | UK
Kinoshita Marian | Japan
Kirsten Cummins | USA
Kirsten Marie Øveraas | Denmark
Kristín Vilhjálmsdóttir | Iceland
Kristina Kotur | Austria
Krzysztof Pawliszak | Poland
Kurt Taroff | UK
Lara Harmon | USA
Larry Morlan | Denmark
Laura Bissio | Uruguay
Laura Calkins | USA
Laura Cangemi | Italy
Laura Dohner | USA
Laura Herrgesell | Austria
Laura Meucci | USA
Laure Cesari | France
Lawrence Venuti | USA
Leah Brumer | USA
Leah Janeczko | Italy
Lee Williamson | UK
Leen Van Den Broucke | Netherlands
Leonard Fox | USA
Leonardo Marcello Pignataro | Italy
Leonhard Unglaub | Canada
Lesa Scholl | Australia
Leslee Brent | USA
Lesley Andrews | USA
Lesley Lawn | UK
Leslie-Ann Philipp | Austria
Leticia Worley | Australia
Letizia PIPERO | France
Leyre Bastyr | UK
Lia D’antonio | Italy
Lia Desotgiu | Italy
Liana Mundy | Canada
Lilian Selvaggio | Argentina
Lilian Wisniewski | USA
Lilina Bernardita Mariotto | Argentina
Lina Insana | USA
Linda Jerome | USA
Line Merrette | Canada
Lipsett Edward | Japan
Lis Moser | USA
Lisa Carter | Canada
Lisa Creta | USA
Lisa Hill | Australia
Lisa Martinez | UK
Liv Bliss | USA
Ljiljana Krstic | Serbia
Lluís Cavallé Saula | Spain
Logan Kennedy | Canada
Lola Rogers | USA
Lorena Vicente | Argentina
Louisa Fox | UK
Louise B. Popkin | USA
Louise Rogers Lalaurie | France
LUANA Ferreira De Freitas | Brazil
Luca Trentini | Italy
Lucas Klein | Hong Kong
Lucía Alaejos | Spain
Lucía Molina | Spain
Luciana D’arcangeli | Australia
Lucie Brione | UK
Lucy Breen | UK
Lucy Charman | UK
Lucy North | UK
Ludmila Berkis | Australia
Luigi Bonaffini | USA
Luisa Doplicher | France
Luiz Netto | USA
Lydia Dupin | France
Lydia Nockels | Canada
Lynn Urch | UK
Lysander Canlas | USA
Mª Luz Pérez Soler | Spain
Maariz K. | USA
Maarten Van Der Werf | Netherlands
Madeleine Lee | UK
Magdalena Ponce | Argentina
Magdalena Saux | Argentina
Maggy Hartwig | Austria
Magnea Matthiasdottir | Iceland
Maia Evrona | USA
Maier Carol | USA
Maire Nic Mhaolain | Ireland
Maiyim Baron | USA
Malve Von Hassell | USA
Manuel De Los Reyes García Campos | Germany
Maral Toprak | Turkey
Marcel GALLEGO SERRA | Spain
Marcela Bigardi Pereira | Brazil
Marcela Cultraro | Argentina
Marcela Sariego | UK
Margaret Jull Costa | UK
Margaret T. Newman | Australia
Margarita Olvera | USA
Marguerite Shore | USA
Marguerite Storm | USA
Maria Antonietta Ricagno | Spain
Maria Ascher | USA
Maria Carrion | USA
Maria Cordova | USA
Maria Cristina Vallejo Jaramillo | Colombia
Maria Eliades | Turkey
Maria Jimenez | Spain
Maria Jose Gorriti | Argentina
Maria Lisa Nitti | Italy
Maria Luisa Venegas | Spain
Maria Socorro Perez | Philippines
Maria Topic | Austria
María Di Genno | Argentina
María González Diez | Spain
María Isabel González Bulnes | Argentina
Mariachiara Rusca | Ireland
María-José Varela Salinas | Spain
Marian Comenetz | USA
Mariana Orozco | Spain
Mariana Solanet | Argentina
Marianne Connors | UK
Marianne Pripps | USA
Marie Buckley | USA
Marie White | Canada
Marie-Helene Kerr | UK
Mariela Victoria De Marchi Moyano | Italy
Marie-Theres Gruber | Austria
Marija Glisic | Austria
Marine Perez-Espinosa | USA
Marinella Mezzanotte | UK
Marion Bartolot | Austria
Marion Marshrons | UK
Marisa Castle De Joncaire | UK
Mark Fieldsend | France
Marko Miletich | USA
Markus Hömske | Belgium
Marlene Katharina | Austria
Marta Gama | Portugal
Marta Mariño | Spain
Marta Rodrigo | Spain
Martha Rosemberg | Brazil
Martin Hoffman | USA
Martina Natunen | Finland
Martina Santarelli | Italy
Martti Kostamoinen | Finland
Martyn Fogg | UK
Martyna Korzynek | Germany
Martyna Korzynek | Germany
Marzia Toppi | Italy
Masood Khoshsaligheh | Iran, Islamic Republic of
Mateo Cardona Vallejo | Colombia
Mathieu Tremblay | USA
Mathilde Malas | Germany
Matias Mulet Truyols | Spain
Matilda Colarossi | Italy
Matsuko Teshima | USA
Matt Dicintio | USA
Matthias Apfelthaler | Austria
Matthias Schossig | USA
Maurizio Bettelli | Italy
Mauro Lo Conte | USA
Max Blazevic | Italy
Mayra Cavilla | Argentina
Mehmet Güzer | Austria
Mehtap Ozdemir | USA
Melanie Skriabine | France
Melina Leonel Agresta Cunha E Silva | Italy
Melissa Allina-Tayler | Canada
Mercè Ardiaca Jové | Germany
Mercedes Alonso | UK
Mercedes Martínez Mezo | Spain
Mercedes Valdivieso Rodrigo | Spain
Meredith Mckinney | Australia
Meritha Paul-Van Voorden | Switzerland
Michael Benes | Australia
Michael Farrell | Italy
Michael Fulton | UK
Michael Nemirsky | Canada
Michael Ritterson | USA
Michael Varga | Canada
Michael Wyatt | USA
Michaela Lauterbrunner | Austria
Michele Aynesworth | USA
Michele Miller | Australia
Michele Troia | Luxembourg
Michelle Crowson | USA
Michelle Wong | Canada
Mieke Verloo | Netherlands
Miguel Angel Romero Junquera | Spain
Miguel Bernal-Merino | UK
Milena Ferrante | Italy
Miriam Watchorn | Ireland
Mirjam Spekking | Germany
Misha Hoekstra | Denmark
Mónica Algazi Bayley | Uruguay
Monika Elisabeth Sieger | UK
Monika Kenderessy | UK
Monika Kenderessy | UK
Monika Podraza | Poland
Monika Simic | Austria
Morgan Giles | UK
Mylene Dufault | Canada
Nadja Grbic | Austria
Namwon Jun | Korea, Republic of
Naomi Kuagben | UK
Natalia Amatulli | Italy
Natalia Klimova | USA
Natalie Axten | Canada
Natasa Kampmark | Serbia
Nathan Jeffers | UK
Naveen Kishore | India
Neil Bishop | Canada
Neil Blackadder | USA
Nichola Smalley | UK
Nicholas Cifuentes-Goodbody | Qatar
Nick Kartsanis | UK
Nicky Brown | UK
Nicola Danby | Canada
Nicole Arocho | USA
Nicole Côté | Canada
Nicoletta Contardi | Italy
Nikki Graham | UK
Nina Bogdan | USA
Noguchi Melissa | Japan
Nora Escoms | Argentina
Norah Alkharashi | Canada
Norman Cheadle | Canada
Ofer Neiman | Israel
Oliver Lainer | Austria
Olivia Ocana-Quintana | Canada
Ólöf Pétursdóttir | France
Oonagh Stransky | Italy
Ornella Pilatti | Switzerland
Orsolya Csizmar | Austria
Oscar Rivera | Argentina
Owen Rowe | USA
P.T. Smith | USA
Pablo Cañamares | Italy
Pablo Rodríguez Bravo | Spain
Pablo Salas | Spain
Pagona Nikoloudaki | Italy
Paloma Bonilla | Mexico
Pamela Avalos | Chile
Panayotis Pantos | Greece
Pandorable One | USA
Paola Appelius | France
Paola Brusasco | Italy
Paolo Antonio Livorati | Italy
Paolo Frasca | Canada
Patricia Alejandra Yunes | Argentina
Patricia Dunne | USA
Patricia Maria Ferreira Larrieux | Italy
Patrícia Costa | Brazil
Paul Berthelot | Italy
Paul Chen | China
Paul Larkin | Ireland
Paul Russell Garrett | UK
Paul Thomas | Australia
Paul Vincent | New Zealand
Paul Zaba | UK
Paula Arturo | Argentina
Paula Darwish | UK
Paula Gordon | USA
Paula Wright | UK
Peg Boyers | USA
Peter Carravetta | USA
Peter Gaukrodger | UK
Peter Sherwood | UK
Petrina ´Ros Karlsdottir | Iceland
Philippe Leduc | Canada
Phyllis Zatlin | USA
Pierluigi Bernardini | Italy
Pinelopi Ntokmetzioglou | UK
Piotr Blumczynski | UK
Piotr Graff | USA
Porzia Persio | Netherlands
Professor Thomas Harrison | USA
R. L. | Austria
Rachel Hansed | UK
Rachel Hildebrandt | USA
Radosveta Golden | USA
Rafa Lombardino | USA
Rafal Lisowski | Poland
Raita Nitzl | Austria
Ralph Niebuhr | USA
Raunak Khosla | USA
Raven Johnston | USA
Rebecca Seiferle | USA
Red Chan | Hong Kong
Renata Moro | Italy
Renee Von Paschen | USA
Rhonda Mullins | Canada
Ricardo Muñoz Martín | Spain
Rich Horrocks | UK
Richard Evans | USA
Richard Markley | USA
Richard Perez-Mongard | Chile
Richard Sieburth | USA
Rita Comellini | Italy
Rob Sinkinson | New Zealand
Robert M Maier | Germany
Roberta Meli | Italy
Roberta Toppetta | Italy
Robin Wright | USA
Rocio Valle | USA
Roger Greenwald | Canada
Ronja Grebe | Germany
Rosa Coma Luengo | Spain
Rosa Sanz | Spain
Rosalia Garcia | USA
Rosanna Buttazzoni | Italy
Rose Oakes | Germany
Rossella Bernascone | Italy
Ruben Febres | USA
Ruth Altenhofer | Austria
Ruth Kemp | UK
Sabrina Bromann | Austria
Sabrina Kaschowitz | Austria
Sabrina Kozina | Austria
Sam Nguyen | USA
Samantha Dolan | UK
Samantha Siefert | USA
Samara Farag | Austria
Samia Mehrez | Egypt
Samira Kawar | UK
Samuel Henderson | USA
Sandra Herzog | Austria
Sandra Martin | USA
Sandra Tapia | USA
Saqer Almarri | USA
Sara Cecere | Italy
Sara Prencipe | Italy
Sara Pullin | France
Sarah Baiz | USA
Sarah Cummins | Canada
Sarah Hiesl | Austria
Sarah Jane Aberasturi | Ireland
Sarah Jane Webb | Italy
Sarah Lindholm | USA
Sarah Meehan | UK
Sarah Truesdale | New Zealand
Scott Bishop | USA
Scott Bryson | USA
Sere Massidda | UK
Shai Navé | Israel
Sharon Bell | USA
Shelley Fairweather-Vega | USA
Sherry Simon | Canada
Shirley Fortier | Canada
Sian Robyns | New Zealand
Sidney J.P. Hollister | USA
Sigrid Carter | USA
Silke Nagel | Germany
Silvia Carlotta Selleri | Italy
Silvia Geissbauer | UK
Silvia Parra Galiano | Spain
Simon Bruni | UK
Simon Jones | UK
Simon Pare | France
Simon Turner | Italy
Simona Iacob Bozesan | Italy
Simona Pintus | Italy
Simone Buttazzi | Germany
Sohini Dey | India
Sonja Tirkkonen-Condit | Finland
Sophia Lee | USA
Sophia Sakellis | Australia
Sophie Kidd | UK
Stanley Ziobro | USA
Stefania Marinoni | Italy
Stefano Asperti | Italy
Stefano Gallorini | Morocco
Stela Stoyanova | Canada
Stephan Philipp | Germany
Stephanie Jo Kent | USA
Steve Woods | UK
Steven Goldstein | USA
Stuart Sheild | Greece
Sue Anderson | UK
Sue Burke | Spain
Sue Crocker | Canada
Sue Esplan | Ireland
Sunandini Banerjee | India
Susan Pareto | USA
Susanna Gavalyan | USA
Susannah Chadwick | Austria
Susanne Graf | Austria
Susanne Schmidt-Wussow | Germany
Suzan Piper | Australia
Suzanne Levine | USA
Suzanne Owen | USA
Sylvia Fernández Castañeda | Germany
Sylvia Gilbertson | USA
Sylvia Robinson | UK
Sylvie Hoyinck | Netherlands
Taina Pemberton | UK
Takemori Ginny | Japan
Talía Valderrama | Chile
Tamara Nigi | Italy
Tapani Ronni | USA
Terence Hale | Netherlands
Terence Rolfe | Australia
Teresa Bello | USA
Teresa Jones | Argentina
Teresa Opis | Austria
Terry Gallagher | USA
Thomas Beebee | USA
Thomas Blasejewicz | Japan
Thomas Goldberg | Germany
Thomas Kis-Major | Australia
Tiffany Higgins | USA
Titia Schuurman | Finland
Tom Ellett | Canada
Translation Project | USA
Trinh Pham | USA
Tuomas Kärki | Finland
U. Semlitsch | Austria
Ubalda Duran De Friedland | USA
Umberto Rossi | Italy
V Bucherre | USA
Vajra Kilgour | USA
Valentina Daniele | Italy
Valeria Faber | Italy
Valeria Venuta | Italy
Vanessa Enriquez Raido | New Zealand
Vanessa Pernin | France
Vanna Motta | UK
Varnam Simon | Japan
Veronika Fuchshuber | Austria
Veronique Bucherre-Frazier | USA
Veronique Joly-Palmer | UK
Vesna Mostarica | Serbia
Victoria Armendariz | Spain
Victoria Surliuga | USA
Vida Borboa | USA
Viviana Botti Barnett | Argentina
Walter Costa | Brazil
Wendell Ricketts | USA
Wendy Hardenberg | USA
Wendy Rees | UK
Wendy Riley | UK
Will Evans | USA
Willard Wood | USA
Wing Shan Tang | Hong Kong
Wolfgang Pfann | Germany
Wolfgang Poeckl | Austria
Wolfram Dennig | France
Xijinyan Chen | USA
Yasser Aman | Egypt
Yasuko Hattori | Japan
Yuko Fukami | USA
Yvan Lantin | Canada
Yves Averous | USA
Yves Gambier | Finland
Yvonne Araiza | USA
Zafer Avşar | Turkey
Zakaria Assaid | Morocco
Zakiya Hanafi | USA
Zdena Rumreich | Australia
Zoe Perry | UK
Zrinka Primorac | Austria
Zsuzsa Hetenyi | Hungary

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No Peanuts! supports professional translators & interpreters in demanding & receiving fair pay for their work.
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3 Responses to A Petition to Publishers of English-Language Translations – Signed by 1004 of Your Colleagues

  1. Eugenia Cartin says:

    I have been an Official Professional Translator for over 30 years. I think this is the least understood and respected profession. There is a tendency to look at Translators as “machines” and “robots” who have no feelings and no minds. We are Professionals and the world and society need us and should respect us professionally.

    Eugenia M. Cartin Official Translator English-Spanish-French Tel: (506) 2253-0756 Fax: (506) 2253-9409 e-mail: eugeniac@racsa.co.cr

  2. soma roy says:

    I am a freelance translator from Kolkata, India, and I support this

  3. Ynze Bakker says:

    I have been working for BableCube. This is a website for book translations. However, after heaving read this, I know now that their conditions are no longer acceptable to me, as one of their conditions is to transfer copyright of my translation to them. I have sent them an email requesting to change this. If they don’t I will no longer work with this forum.

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