Expo 2015 – Proving once again, when it comes to translation, that you get what you pay for …

The German daily, FAZ (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung), dedicated the April 11, 2015 issue of its Saturday Magazin to the Milan Expo 2015.

magazinAmong the articles in the issue was an interview with Tim Parks, author, memoirist, translator (of Tabucchi, Calvino, Moravia, and Machiavelli, among others), long-time resident of Italy, and professor of English at the IULM in Milan.

Parks defined Expo 2015’s English as “pretty poor,” adding, “For their English translations, Expo 2015 chose a service provider who pays its translators so badly that no reputable translator will work for him.” ( “Für die Englisch-Übersetzungen der Expo hat ein Anbieter den Auftrag bekommen, der so schlecht bezahlt, dass seriöse Übersetzer nicht für ihn arbeiten.”)


No Peanuts! has been talking about Expo 2015’s crummy English – and peanuts-paying language-service providers – for a year, but there’s nothing like confirmation. Especially when it comes from someone with Tim Parks’ authority and expertise.

(German speakers can download the entire issue of Magazin here; the Parks interview starts on p. 28. Be warned: it’s a hefty file.)

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  1. Marie says:

    Reblogged this on LOVE YOUR TRANSLATOR and commented:
    Oh dear! This leaves us between crying and laughing…

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