La Cortesia “Scatenata” di Annalena Benini / Annalena Benini’s “Unbound” Courtesy

On the evening of 27 February, Italian time, the editors of Minima & Moralia wrote No Peanuts! to say they had corrected their previous oversight and included the name of the translator in Annalena Bernini’s essay/review of the Italian translation of Claudia Roth Pierpont’s Philip Roth biography. We are very grateful to them for their attention to our request.


On February 24, No Peanuts! contacted Annalena Benini, the author of “Storia d’Amore e Disamore,”  a long essay on Philip Roth and, specifically, on the publication in Italian of Claudia Roth Pierpont’s acclaimed biography of Philip Roth, Roth Unbound: A Writer and His Books (entitled Roth scatenato: Uno scrittore e i suoi libri in Italian).

[Benini’s original article, in Italian, appeared on the blog of the publisher minimum fax, “Minima & Moralia,” and can be seen here:]

Our concern was that nowhere in Benini’s essay did the name of the translator of Pierpont’s book appear, even though Benini quoted liberally from the biography. None of the words she cited, however, were actually either Roth’s or Pierpoint’s. Rather, they were the words of the translator — the invisible translator.

No Peanuts! awarded Benini and Minima & Moralia a “Translator’s Thistle” …

… and asked that Benini and Minima & Moralia revise “Storia d’Amore e Disamore,” to insert two words and a total of twelve characters: the translator’s name.

As usual, the request was ignored.

Today, No Peanuts! tried again. And here is Benini’s response:

benini - Roth Scatenato@No_Peanuts I’ve had it with you and this isn’t a good day for it.

We wonder: When will it be a good day for Italian journalists to do what they are ethically, morally, legally bound to do: recognize translators as the authors of the books they praise and of the words they quote?

Dear Annalena, when the day comes that a translator can get two words and twelve characters out of you, please let us know. In the meantime, the real rottura … well, it’s journalists like you.

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