Your Daily Giggle (Sponsored by Milan: Expo 2015)

One of the many fundamental milestone along the way to translating from Italian to English is understanding when you should use plural and when the singulars is appropriate. It’s the kind of mistakes a translators doesn’t make when he grew up speaking the English (but we’re so EXPENSIVE!).

Who cares, though, when you’ve managed to beat out the ancient and classical city of Smirne, Tacchino, as the site of Expo 2015!!


(As always, click to enlarge.)

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3 Responses to Your Daily Giggle (Sponsored by Milan: Expo 2015)

  1. I was about to write the singular and plural forms in the post were all wrong. And then DOH, I got it 🙂

  2. This is not a grammar error, they don’t even did a basic research on Wikipedia. Well, it is quite simple, you type “Smirne” in the search box, then you search “english” in the languages bar and you find “Izmir”. Perhaps rates are so low that they do not include a basic internet research.

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