Lionbridge Interpretations Manager for Ireland & UK: Don’t Spread Word about Lionbridge Deal with the EOIR

After a member of a Dublin-based interpreters’ mailing list posted information critical of the proposed agreement between Lionbridge and the US Executive Office for Immigration Review, Lionbridge International’s Interpretations Business Manager for Ireland & UK, Carolyn Flynn, ordered the member to stop using the list for such posts because “This address is for Ireland and UK based interpreters only.”

Rather foolishly, Ms. Flynn included No Peanuts! in the list of ccs for her email.

Is it possible that Lionbridge managers don’t want interpreters “across the pond” to know exactly what the company is up to in the United States?

That might be a special concern for Lionbridge given the similar disaster created in the UK just over a year ago when interpreters launched a petition and a boycott against another mega-translation agency, Applied Language Solutions, for its agreement to supply interpreters to the Ministry of Justice. (More information is here.)

As the interpreter wrote to the list:

As a cost-cutting measure, hiring only one interpreter for “full and complete” interpretation of EOIR hearings is short-sighted and self-defeating. Interpreters working alone while performing simultaneous interpreting cannot be expected to produce accurate work or ensure due process. The long-term costs of unequal access to justice for persons of limited English proficiency and in future appeals far surpass any amount saved by implementing this poorly conceived measure.

We concur, and we applaud the effort to make sure language professionals all over the world know what is at the heart of Lionbridge’s proposed agreement with the EOIR.

Solidarity among translators and interpreters, wherever they do business, lies at the heart of effective action.

Meanwhile, if Lionbridge is getting nervous enough to try to shut down the dissemination of information, interpreters are clearly doing something right.


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One Response to Lionbridge Interpretations Manager for Ireland & UK: Don’t Spread Word about Lionbridge Deal with the EOIR

  1. To me, simultaneous translation is within our entire field of endeavor the skill of all skills. I am truly in awe of anyone who can do that. Just the thought doing it exhausts me. The linguistic skill, the energy, the cerebral strength are beyond description. And if all of you will permit me to sound like a wild-eyed anti-agency fanatic-cum-lunatic, what has occurred here is unquestionable evidence of our industry having been taken over by language-deaf-dumb-and-blind administrators (with attendant contempt for those who form the very core of their businesses), who now roam the oral and written translation countryside unimpeded and unchallenged. Indeed, I would say, as I have said for years and years now, that with virtually no exception – save for NO PEANUTS – every interpreter and translator organization has sat cowering in the proverbial corner like mice who have lost complete control over their anterior and posterior sphincter muscles. Given that a U.S. government agency is one of the parties to this outrage, it is noteworthy with respect to what I have stated above that my most favorite little rodent, the American Translators Association has remained in its usual status, i.e., with collapsed anterior and posterior sphincter muscles.

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