“It Was Just an Interview” – Sunday Editor of La Repubblica, Livio Quagliata, Responds to No Peanuts!

Livio Quagliata, the editor of the Sunday edition of Italy’s La Repubblica newspaper, has responded to No Peanuts!’ request for an explanation regarding his paper’s exclusion of the names of the two translators of Sheryl Sandberg’s new book, Lean In, released simultaneously in Italy under the title Facciamoci Avanti.

no translatorMs. Sandberg and her book were the subject of a three-page spread in the “Culture” section of the March 10, 2013 La Repubblica, Italy’s largest newspaper. The article was signed Enrico Deaglio and included a prominent sidebar that featured: a picture of the cover, the title of the book, the name of the author, the name of the publisher, the name of the publisher’s imprint, the number of pages, the price, the release date, and the name of the writer of the introduction to the Italian edition.

The only thing missing was Ms. Sandberg’s shoe size.

WHITE LABELThat, and the name of Ms. Sandberg’s two Italian translators, Sara Crimi and Laura Tasso.

But today Mr. Quagliata writes that there was no reason for the translators’ names to appear because the March 10 feature “was an interview with Ms. Sandberg, not a book feature on the translation” (“quella di Deaglio era un’intervista alla signora Sandberg e non un’anticipazione del libro tradotto dall’inglese“).

And here we thought we might actually receive a reasonable response from La Repubblica‘s editors.

Last October, No Peanuts! told you about Giuliana Lupi, the Italian translator of Andre Agassi’s autobiography, Open, whose publication in Italy was heralded by La Repubblica as “one of the year’s literary milestones.” But her name did not appear in features and other articles that La Repubblica published.

And now they’ve done it again. 

Tell Mr. Quagliata and La Repubblica that they’re wrong. Tell them that providing all the details of a book’s publication EXCEPT the name of the translator is deliberate sabotage.

Remind them that Ms. Sandberg’s book is about the value of women’s work and the importance of women’s visibility in the workplace. Rendering translators invisible — rendering the women translators of a book like Lean In invisible — is the kind of irony a newspaper editor might be expected to grasp.

We’ve asked nicely. Now we’re demanding a change in La Repubblica’s official editorial policy. It’s not only the decent thing to do, it’s Italian law.

La Repubblica is Disrespectful, Discriminatory, and Illegal: Sandberg’s Translators Are Women & They Work!

Write to the editors of La Repubblica: e.deaglio@repubblica.it; ezio.mauro.3@facebook.com; ezio-mauro@facebook.com; l.quagliata@repubblica.it; larepubblica@repubblica.it; rubrica.lettere@repubblica.it; segreteria_di_redazione@repubblica.it; segreteria_direzione@repubblica.it; v.zucconi@gmail.com; vittorio.zucconi.3@facebook.com; Vittorio-Zucconi@facebook.com

A sample letter is here: Do Something for Translators Today / Fa’ Una Cosa Oggi per i Traduttori


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No Peanuts! supports professional translators & interpreters in demanding & receiving fair pay for their work.
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2 Responses to “It Was Just an Interview” – Sunday Editor of La Repubblica, Livio Quagliata, Responds to No Peanuts!

  1. Evelina Russo says:

    Has Ms Sandberg given any sign?

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