The No Peanuts! Directory Targets the Native Target: An Evolution

Since its inception, the aim of No Peanuts! has been to promote an ecological approach to the working life of professional translators and interpreters.

We start with the belief that language professionals deserve to receive a decent, appropriate, “living” wage for their work. At the same time, even as we call upon direct clients, agencies, publishers, online translation “services,” and others to compensate translators and interpreters adequately, we recognize that the only proper “exchange” for decent pay is truly professional performance.

That’s not just fairness—it’s a basic necessity if we want to maintain the “ecology” of our work environment and keep our profession pollution-free.

For No Peanuts!, one way to begin assuring clients of our professionalism is by asking our Translators & Interpreters Directory members to make an ethical commitment to offer written translation services solely into their native languages.

In the translation environments in which we live and work these days, the lack of respect for native-target-only translation has become an urgent ethical and professional issue. Sadly, many translator groups, national and international professional associations, and university-level training programs continue to dodge this essential issue.

We understand that the issue is complex, but it’s cowardly to pretend it doesn’t exist or to behave as if it doesn’t matter.

In fact, No Peanuts! is pleased to point out that no other online service, association, or clearinghouse currently upholds this standard, no matter how “professional” they say they are. Not one.

Drawing the line against non-native-target translators eliminates a large (and, unfortunately, growing) group of individuals who simply are not qualified to translate into their non-native languages. Eliminating unqualified translators, in turn, may help translation rates rise again, because it will put an end to one of the main sources of unfair competition in our field.

On a more practical level, we have a big vision for our Directory. We want it to grow as a useful and reliable tool in the translation industry, and we want potential clients who come to us to be confident that they can use the Directory to find translators who respect this basic principle of professionalism.

And that’s why we are announcing a change in the No Peanuts! Directory of Translators and Interpreters.

The No Peanuts! Directory of Translators and Interpreters has now migrated to a new site and become an independent entity: TNT: The New Translator Directory of Translators & Interpreters — “Exploding the Way You Think about Translation!”

Meanwhile, we are asking each of the translators listed in the TNT Directory (formerly the No Peanuts! Directory) to identify a single, native target language for written translations. If you’ve already done so, great. If not, we’ll be contacting you shortly.

(And let’s clear up a potential misunderstanding: Our concern is limited to translators. We recognize that interpreters employ different skills and that their work is almost always “bidirectional”; as a result, interpreters will continue to be able to list any language combination in which they regularly work.)

The No Peanuts! Endorsers list will remain where it is, on the No Peanuts! blog. We will continue to ask our supporters whether they would like to officially endorse the No Peanuts! Statement of Principles and whether they would also like to appear in the TNT Directory.

And we’ll keep fighting for professional pay for professional translators and interpreters. It’s fair, it’s ecological, and it’s about time.


About No Peanuts! for Translators

No Peanuts! supports professional translators & interpreters in demanding & receiving fair pay for their work.
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