Giuseppe Manuel Brescia responds to “The Translation Guy”

An agency owner takes aim at No Peanuts! (now there’s the shock of the century) and Giuseppe Manuel Brescia does an outstanding job (in two languages!) of reaffirming the principles that lie behind our movement.

We find it ironic (and extremely revealing) that someone would acknowledge that No Peanuts! has “justice and human dignity on [its] side,” but dismiss the movement anyway.

So let me make sure I understand. In other words, Translation Guy, you oppose “justice and human dignity”? Ah, wait, Translation Guy runs a translation agency. Quod erat demonstrandum.


A Reply to the Translation Guy (Since He Didn’t Approve My Comment)
Giuseppe Manuel Brescia | 22 July 2010

Last week, the No Peanuts! Movement, which this blog proudly endorses, was featured in an article on the Translation Guy Blog. I used to like that blog, so I was pretty excited when I saw the title of the post on my iGoogle page, and thought the awareness was spreading. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. What I found was instead a particularly weak effort to dismiss the whole movement as little more than a cartel of greedy and unrealistic translators with backwards tendencies. I left a comment, politely addressing what I thought were rather poor arguments, but it was never approved. The same, I think, happened with Wendell Ricketts’ comment, and possibly more. Only one comment appears on the page, conveniently praising the “great article.” <<Continue reading on the Smuggled Words blog.>>


Una risposta a Translation Guy (dato che non ha approvato il mio commento)
Giuseppe Manuel Brescia | 22 luglio 2010

La settimana scorsa, il Movimento No Peanuts!, che questo blog è orgoglioso di sostenere, è stato citato in un articolo sul Translation Guy Blog. Mi piaceva anche, quel blog, quindi ero abbastanza entusiasta di vedere il titolo del post sulla mia pagina iGoogle, e ho pensato con piacere che la cosa si stesse diffondendo. Sfortunatamente non era questo il caso. Quel che ho trovato è stato invece uno sforzo particolarmente fiacco di liquidare l’intero movimento come poco più che un cartello di traduttori avidi e poco realisti, con tendenze anacronistiche. Ho lasciato un commento, facendo notare con educazione quelle che mi parevano argomentazioni piuttosto deboli, ma il commento non è mai stato approvato. Credo che la stessa sorte sia toccata al commento di Wendell Ricketts, e probabilmente ad altri. Sulla pagina c’è un solo commento, che casualmente fa i complimenti per “l’ottimo articolo.” <<La lettura continua sul blog Smuggled Words.>>

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No Peanuts! supports professional translators & interpreters in demanding & receiving fair pay for their work.
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  1. Hey, thanks a lot for sharing! I was wondering why the blog had been so crowded in the last 12 hours… 😉

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