A letter of intent signed at the audiovisual translators’ negotiations in Finland

From Av-kaantajat.fi, the Finnish Audiovisual Translators blog.
« Takaisin
23 June 2010

SDI Media and Pre-Text have committed to continuing negotiations for a collective agreement for AV translation agencies. The Yhtyneet Agreement utilised at Finland’s national broadcasting company YLE and the commercial network MTV3 was set as a starting point.

The negotiations started in the winter and continued on 9th June between two AV translation agencies and the representatives of the AV translators. The aim was to reach a binding agreement before summer on using the current Yhtyneet Agreement as a layout for the new collective agreement. At the end of the meeting all parties signed a letter of intent agreeing on this with certain reservations and alterations.

“After the summer we will continue to build the collective agreement and strive to create common terms for AV translation agencies in order to ensure a reasonable and regular livelihood for their translators. By achieving this, we hope to be able to stop the out-of-control price competition so that the translation agencies can have other competitive advantages besides price, and the clients will know that they are acquiring high quality translations made by translators who are paid adequately”, says Director of Translator Affairs, Petri Savolainen of the Union of Journalists in Finland.

Kati Metsola, Managing Director of Pre-Text, and Pekka Salo, Operations Manager at SDI Media, both agree that it is in the interest of both the employers and the employees to reach common rules that ensure a stable working environment for all parties on the translation market.

The negotiations will continue with representatives from SDI Media and Pre-Text on 24th August. The Union of Journalists in Finland, Translation Industry Professionals KAJ, Akava Special Branches and the Finnish Association of Translators and Interpreters will be negotiating on behalf of the translators.

Tehty Yhdistysavaimella
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