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Living wages for translators and interpreters! All our thanks from No Peanuts!

About No Peanuts! for Translators

No Peanuts! supports professional translators & interpreters in demanding & receiving fair pay for their work.
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26 Responses to Download the No Peanuts! badge

  1. Mitko Jovanov says:

    The translator never gets his own in full (due) measure.
    And very often I`ve been “assasinated” by so called “hidden costs”.
    Thanks for this initiative.

  2. Jacquie says:

    I wholehearedly agree with this statement!

    And as Aretha Franklin said: RESPECT!

  3. And what about the client who waits to pay until his client pays?
    Comments, please!

    • Another pretty tricky issue, and one that has left a lot of translators holding the bag. Do you (or any other readers) have any strategies for avoiding getting caught in that situation?

      • PC oversaettelse says:

        Have the client agree to a set of payment terms in writing before starting any working relationship with them.

        This way, you can put pressure on them should they ever consider withholding payment until their own client pays.

  4. gurutheo says:

    Hello Araceli, NP!FT and all other translators out there. I fully endorse this initiative! As for late paying customers: a trick I learned from my pre-translation career as a collections analyst is the early payment discount. At the bottom of my invoices I state the following:

    “I offer a 2% discount on the net invoiced amount if payment is made within 3 business days. In this invoice that amount is and you can deduct it from the invoiced amount if payment is made before .”

    Especially larger companies seem to love this sort of thing, probably because they reason that 2% discount in three days is quite a lot when recalculated over a year.

    This seems excessive, but that it is only if you don’t adjust your rate slightly upwards before agreeing to a rate with a customer. In the one year+ that I now apply this, I have only once come across a client who didn’ pay in the end and that turned out to be a fraud, anyway…

    • Hello and welcome! This is a fascinating idea! Would you mind if I stole it? All best, W.

      • gurutheo says:

        Hi NP!fT,

        Stealing implies ownership and it is not my idea, I merely ‘borrow’ it from large corporations who use this practice as a method to get invoices paid faster (why should only multinationals use it?). I wouldn’t publish it if I didn’t want people to use it. I also published it on Translators Cafe a few months ago and there also the response was rather positive. I notice that the html has messed my original post up a bit, the complete text reads: “I offer a 2% discount on the net invoiced amount if payment is made within 3 business days. In this invoice that amount is (insert net amount before VAT) and you can deduct it from the invoiced amount if payment is made before (insert invoice date plus 3 days).”

        In general, freelance translators need to think about how to get their payments in as fast as possible as part of their business plan. I also often say to agencies that if the deadline is short I expect the payment terms to be favorable: if they need a text translated within 3 business days they shouldn’t respond to invoices with “we pay within 60 days of the invoice date”. Frankly, I reject payment terms whenever they are too excessive in my mind and charge an administrative fee or 12-15% of the invoiced amount if I have to send a reminder, plus I threaten with all blacklists available to me (Hall of Fame and Shame, Black and White List, WWA). Especially agencies tend to know the impact of such lists so they generally want to come to an agreement prior to such blacklisting.

        Would you think a section about payment terms might be a good idea for your blog? There is quite a lot of good ideas going around amongst translators and it might be nice to pool these ideas.


        Theo Bernards
        Dutchman in France
        Translation – So much more than substituting language A with language B

  5. adegivesmas says:

    I’m in like Flynn.

    Good also to see an apt adaptation of David Ogilvy’s sage dictum applied to the field of language services.

    Saludos, groeten and regards!

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  7. Rucci says:

    I fully endorse your movement!
    Thank you for your initiative!

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  9. Issa says:

    I fully endorsed this initiative too! Please include me.
    Thanks to all the people who create this movement!!.

  10. Bravo! Excelent initiative! I endorsed it!

  11. Maria Arruda says:

    I endorsed it too! 😀

  12. Yana Antova says:

    Hi guys,

    I am really glad you have raised this issue. I am supporting you all the way.:)

  13. NikiMat says:

    Hello colleagues! I’ve just joined, and fully support your initiative. Can anyone please tell me if there’s any procedure that must be followed to get listed in the TNT directory? Thank you!

  14. I fully support your iniciative, I’ve endorsed it!
    Do I have your permission to copy in my blog under your name any post that could be important for the Spanish translators’ community in order to spread the word? Thank you so much and keep it up, you’re doing a great job!

  15. Hipyan says:

    I have just put the badge on my blog.
    If you do not mind, I will translate the articles to Indonesian and publish them on blog.

    Best Regards
    Hipyan (Mr)

  16. Alex Roe says:

    Badge added to



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